Ford 6.0 Head Studs


Heavy-duty head studs to replace the head bolts in your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesel engine. Solves all the weaknesses of the stock head bolts that frequently lead to blown head gaskets when the engine is put under heavy load or experiencing some other problem (such as a failing or clogging EGR cooler or oil cooler).

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The bolts used on the stock 6.0 had what was thought to be a pretty cool innovation at the time: they distort slightly when torqued to spec, which has the effect of reducing metal strain over time... as long as the engine is operated at no more than expected, stock power levels (and sometimes not even then). If you seek to get any extra power out of your engine, or are pulling heavy loads routinely, the bolts are all but guaranteed to fail and result in a blown head gasket. And if that does happen, that stretching means the bolts are almost never reusable once removed.

The solution to this problem has long been known to 6.0L enthusiasts: replace the bolts with head studs, providing superior clamping force, more even tension, and superior reliability no matter what kind of power you're getting out of your engine.

• Includes a full set of head studs, washers, and nuts to replace the head bolts on your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke diesel engine, any model year
• Threaded after heat treating to ensure fatigue stress tolerance is through the roof
• Solves weakness problems with the design of the stock head bolts that came stock in your engine

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