Ford 6.7 DEF Heater


All modern diesel trucks have a DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) system that constantly sprays into the exhaust system. This breaks down harmful nitrous oxide gasses in the exhaust into simple nitrogen and water, reducing emissions. The DEF heater in your Ford 6.7L monitors the temperature of this liquid and heat it if necessary so it does not freeze, but it is highly prone to failure, sending your truck into limp mode. Our replacement Ford 6.7L DEF heater replaces your faulty heater and gets your truck running just how it should.

• Kit includes all parts needed to replace the Ford 6.7 DEF reductant heater on your Powerstroke engine

• Fits all Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 diesel trucks from model years 2011 to 2016

• Fixes DEF fault that reduces the max speed of your truck

• Ensures diesel exhaust fluid stays in liquid form for proper engine function

• Our part cleanly and simply replaces factory part with no modifications needed, total installation time approximately 2 hours

Today’s sale price is $219 $191 for this complete Ford 6.7 DEF Heater. That price includes free 3-4 day shipping and 12 month no-questions-asked warranty, and most kits go out the same day you order them. We ship five days a week to Ford dealerships, diesel repair shops, and enthusiast diesel owners all around the United States and Canada. Get your truck back on the road and running better than it ever has by clicking the BUY NOW button below!

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